What We Do

“While tutoring is generally solely about improving one’s grades, the Imaginate Ink Program is much more—it is about learning the skills it takes to lead a vibrant, joyful, and purposeful life.”
— Clarissa Ngo, Founder & Teacher
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for children

Imaginate Ink is a private creative mentorship program founded twenty years ago by Clarissa Ngo after she graduated from Harvard. In an education system where communication and creativity are rarely taught, Clarissa developed a special method that helps kids write, speak, and act with power and eloquence so their lives bloom. She helps young people create imaginative products to sell for causes about which they care so they solve real world problems. Clarissa believes genius is created, not born. Her method is built upon choosing tiny daily habits of excellence that over time add up to helping young people learn to speak, write, and act with a power and empathy that changes the world.

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For College Prep

Whether you are almost ready to apply for college or have a long way to go and want to build a life of purpose and passion, Imaginate Ink has a bespoke program for you. Clarissa specializes in helping you craft your unique story, whether it is building one from scratch or telling the story of the life you have already built, regardless of how seemingly humble. Clarissa can help you with your essays, resume, interview, scholarships, and more. Because Clarissa’s students build creative, impactful projects and learn to tell their stories with power and passion, they tend to do well in the college and scholarship process.


for adults

Clarissa also helps adults. She believes you are never too old to improve your ability to speak and write with imagination, power and eloquence; find your purpose and passion in life; and inspire others, including your children and employees.  

for companies

Clarissa gives motivational speeches, helps CEO’s find their mission, and can help you inspire your employees. Because of her love of words and stories, she also helps companies with branding, marketing, and PR, including creating commercials and making films that tell their stories.