Clarissa’s students have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the causes about which they most care. Here are some of their projects and foundations.

Solana's Rain Room picture.JPG

Solana dances in the rain

Despite growing up with extreme adversity, Solana spent 4 1/2 hours a day illustrating a charitable children's book to provide underprivileged kids with the dance lessons that had been her sanctuary. Read her moving story here.

Monkey Book Cover.jpg

monkey business

11-year-old Andrea illustrated a book that raised money for a Monkey College that trains capuchin monkeys to be the hands and companions of disabled people. She was one of five finalists in North America for Steven Spielberg's humanitarian contest.  Watch her winning video here.

Steph's model picture.jpg

how kindness launched a star

When Stephanie was eleven, she learned her beloved pony Winnie had to be put down. To find solace, Steph looked among her things for photos of Winnie so she would have something to remember him by, which is when she realized she didn’t have any. To prevent other little girls from going through the same thing, Steph started taking equestrian pictures, and a year later she was so skilled the adult photographers at the equestrian competitions felt threatened and shut her business down. Steph is so kind-hearted she emailed the pictures she took for free to her clients, which is when she got discovered by magazines and national media outlets. Stephanie donated all the proceeds of her business to a Guatemalan orphanage. You can read more about Stephanie’s amazing story here.

Blue Bird Africa.jpg

the bird that launched the artist

Tony’s journey began with a photograph—of a amber-breasted starling with iridescent blue wings, lifting off from a field of golden grass in Botswana. At 13 when he took the picture, he never knew that over the next few years, he would become like this bird, and that one photograph would burgeon into a passion for bringing people’s stories and hearts to life with his camera. Despite at first getting rejected from photographing shelter pets because he was “too young to volunteer,” Tony won the shelters over by showing them his award-winning work, and to date, he has saved hundreds of shelter pets’ lives with his camera. Tony has moved onto filming people, and the stories he tells with his camera are so moving they have transformed his subjects’ lives. See his amazing demo reel here.

Isabel Janavs Candy Palace.jpg

How izzy's imagination fed a crowd of 771,000

When Isabel wrote a children’s book about a monster and a candy palace when she was nine years old, she never expected it would raise $274,000 and provide 771,000 meals to hungry kids in her county. Isabel recently won $10,000 and a two night stay at any Montage Hotel in the world for her humanitarian work. Read about how you can help here.

Carter with kids.jpg

the unexpected activist

When Carter was in 8th grade, he came across an online photo showing a boy drinking out of a muddy puddle of water beside a goat. Horrified, he decided to do something. After years of drives, selling books he created, and crafting a campaign about how you could be a superhero for $15, Carter raised $200,000 and won grants and awards from Pepsi, Disney, Hasbro, and the Montage for his humanitarian work. After giving his first TED talk, Carter has transformed into a confident speaker and has given talks to ten thousand students thus far. Read more about Carter here.