a better world

At Imaginate Ink, we learn to create and give. These student-crafted films illuminate the unique process she uses to inspire her students' transformations.

Can we change our lives by writing a different story? In this video, Imaginate Ink Founder Clarissa Ngo shows how she imbues children with passion and wisdom, then teaches them to write stories that help kids value themselves and unleash their imaginations so that they learn empathy, how to create value in the world, and give.

One day, after hearing how a TED talk about facing your fear inspired her little nephew to be valiant, my teacher Clarissa decided to found a Rock Courage Club. She asked us all to email her one kind or courageous thing we did per day, and she would send us feedback! This is what happened. Let's make kindness and courage viral! Our website is currently under construction by our amazing 14-year-old Emagineer Christina Peng, who also made this video. For questions and comments, please email us at RockCourage1 at gmail dot com.
Promise Tree is 14-year-old Christina's endeavor to sell her book to raise money to fund creative classes for kids who can't afford them. The Promise Tree Project is part of Emagination Island, the world's first learning adventure park to teach everyone how to imagine, create, and give.

What if the seeming impossibility of our dreams is nothing more than a misguided story we have told ourselves? This short film shows the power of re-writing your story, and that by learning how to write yourself as the hero or heroine, you can empower yourself to create value in the world. It is a tale intended to inspire people to think differently about what is possible (14 minutes).

Our Chief Emagineer Clarissa does a back flip kick for our Spielberg-honored Mission Kidz4Life project!

Can a group of kids who have never met get together to create a book, song, video, and website to raise money for kids who'd love to learn to dance? Find out in Harold the Hippo (3 minutes). 

There’s always someone you can help, even if it’s your own dog! 13-year-old Katrina started making homemade dog food when her rescue dog Lucky became allergic to all the brands in the market! Two years later, True Paws Kitchen is her way of being kind to creatures and the Earth.
By creating dresses that make trash into treasure, a social media campaign to spark green awareness, and planting community gardens with beautiful upcycled compost bins, 13-year-old Joleen is inspiring her peers and community to care for the Earth!
This is the tale of how after learning the empathy parts of our brains don't light up when we see old people, 14-year-old Christina interviewed and honored an elderly couple with the gift of their story. Doing this sparked Dear Sage, a forum that connects young people with questions with wise older people with answers!

What happens when kindness and creativity become contagious? Can kids band together to change the world? Mission Kidz4Life uses the empathic power of art and creative writing to urge kids to become the heroes and heroines of their dreams (14 minutes).

What are the secrets to becoming joyful, free, and fulfilled?  In this keynote speech Clarissa gave at the Montage, discover some of the secrets Clarissa uses to transform her students into innovative creators and givers.